Your Frog Dog Studios Experience

Great images are not just luck. It takes a lot of time to plan and of course an experienced photographer!

This is why we have a three step process to ensure you get the most out of your session and we create a work of art that you will be happy to look at every day. An artwork that is personal to you and your best friend.



lets get aquainted

The first step is for us to gain an understanding of the relationship you and your pet share.  It’s at the Planning Consultation that we do this. We will have a chat about your pet’s personality so that we can plan the best experience for the both of you. At this stage we will also discuss what kind of finished product you may have in mind and what your display intentions may be. 


lets have some fun!

This is when the fun begins! The photography session is where the magic happens. We start the session by getting to know your best friend/s and allowing them to ease into their environment. Belinda has spent the last 17 years working in the pet and animal welfare industries and knows how to help your best friend feel safe. We always work at your friends pace and if it takes a little longer to get the shots we need then that is ok.

The studio is an easy going pet friendly environment. It is time for us all to play and enjoy ourselves. It is time for your best friend to shine and for us to capture what makes them so special. 


lets design your new work of art

In the following weeks we schedule an appointment for you to come back to the studio to view your images. This is the most exciting part of the process. You get to choose your favourite images and have a laugh at the outtakes!

We will spend time discussing the different products available and designing your new artwork. It is important that all decision makers attend this session as this is where your order is placed. 


For your convenience we accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, EFTPOS and OXIPAY. 


*Please note:

We are able to accomodate up to 2 pets at a time (that get along with one another) at the advertised rate. If you have more than two pets please add $50 to your package per extra animal.

Extra artwork and products not already included in your package can be purchased. Discuss your ideas with us today!

Copyright of all images remains the property of Frog Dog Studios and may be used for but not limited to marketing, social media and awards purposes. 

Consumer level photo labs are unable to print high quality archival photographic prints and will leave you disappointed with the results. This is why at Frog Dog Studios we do most printing in house. This ensures that you end up with a high quality fine art print that we feel comfortable guaranteeing. 

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to adding your best friend to the Frog Dog Crew!

we would love to hear your ideas. contact us now!